Q: Where are you work-based? 
A: on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia

Q: website + instagram?
A: www.darciecollington.com  @darciecollington

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your path into the art world?
A: Growing up I always enjoyed art but never thought I was any good at it. My sister was always the more artistic one and I mean if you saw my drawing skills you’d understand. Then around 14 I was given my dad’s old point and shoot and I fell in love with photography. For the longest time I just saw it as a bit of fun and would mindlessly shoot everything I saw. Things then catapulted when I moved to Sydney and started surfing; I quickly fell into the world of surf photography and I couldn’t be more grateful.
Q: Where do you draw your artistic inspiration?
A: A lot of the work I produce is done in a very natural way, I will rarely shoot a pre-planned image. This can sometimes make producing a photo tricky, especially if I’m not in the right mindset. Funnily enough I’ve found over the past few years that music has become my biggest inspiration. I’ll hear a new song and will suddenly be inspired through the feeling or emotion it evokes. Music has this ability to suddenly transform my creative mindset and lift me out of the biggest creative blocks. I have a specific playlist on Spotify that I’m always adding to which is my go to when I need a little creative boost. 
Q: What role does the ocean play in your life?
A: The ocean plays a monumental role in my life at the moment. It’s the place I go to hang out with friends and have fun, it’s the place I go to think and clear my head (saltwater therapy is the greatest) and it’s the place where I feel the calmest and carefree. Sounds cliché but I honestly can’t imagine my life without it right now.  
Q: Any upcoming adventures or projects you’d like to share? 
A: I’ve just got back from my first trip to Fiji and I’m now in the process of starting a new project to hopefully go back again next year (Fingers crossed!). It’s also coming up to summer so I’m sure there will be lots of surf road trips and mini-adventures over the next few months too! 
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